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Reduce costs, eliminate human error, increase productivity.  With Robotic Process Automation, Techromatic can help your business achieve scale faster!

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What is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and What Will it Do for my organization?

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What Will Intelligent Automation Do for My Organization?

Digital Workers and Bots Can: Copy-Paste Scrape Data Make Calculations Open/Move Files Parse Emails Log In to Programs Connect to API's Extract Unstructured Data ADAPT to Any Workflow 24x7x365 - while your Humans, do Human stuff.

How Do I Start an Scale RPA?

Urgent Business Need / Specific Business Case


RPA can be up and running in weeks. Jumping into RPA may not be ideal, but that doesn’t mean it’s the enemy of the good. RPA goes far beyond a quick-fix solution to glaring business process inefficiencies—but getting started is often the largest hurdle. Urgent business needs can be a helpful catalyst to push past the status quo.

RPA-Ready Processes / Low-Hanging Fruit


Facing many repetitive, structured business processes that drain resource time and require high accuracy? Starting here is a common first step into RPA. Ease of adopting RPA for structured processes paves the way for complex and strategic process automation across the business.

Exploring Automation


Discovering the power of RPA can be intoxicating—it’s the sudden realization that you have the power to knock down age-old limitations and pitfalls of business processes. Take the opportunity to benefit from lessons learned in RPA implementations of every scope and scale to help you prepare the best business case and set up your future RPA journey for success.

Strategic Initiative/ Digital Transformation

Discovering the power of RPA can be intoxicating—it’s the sudden realization that you have the power to knock down age-old limitations and pitfalls of business processes. Take the opportunity to benefit from lessons learned in RPA implementations of every scope and scale to help you prepare the best business case and set up your future RPA journey for success.

The RPA journey is intimately connected to digital transformation. Creating strategic, enterprise-wide change is the hallmark of successful RPA implementation. RPA as a core element of digital transformation has the power to augment and free resources, redefine standards of speed and efficiency, and change the way business operates, both organically and intentionally.

Why Should I Implement RPA or
Automation Throughout My Enterprise

Benefits of RPA


 Robotic Process Automation has a positive snowball effect on business operations and outcomes.  RPA delivers measurable business benefits right out of the gate – think cost reduction, greater accuracy, delivery speed – then continues to add value as it picks up momentum and spreads across the organization.  RPA improves business outcomes like customer satisfaction and enables competitive advantages by freeing humans to do what they do best – solving problems, improving processes, conducting analysis, and other value added work – resulting in higher employee engagement and new revenue opportunities.

Greater Productivity


RPA bots create step-change in employee productivity by accelerating workflows and enabling more work to get done by executing processes independently. In document-intensive industries like healthcare, financial services, insurance and in the public sector, RPA bots can handle form filling and claims processing all hands free.

Greater Accuracy


With 100% accuracy there is no rework and near-perfect compliance.  Automating with RPA is enabling industries such as healthcare, finance and life sciences to leverage the reliability of bots and digital workers to achieve strict compliance standards.  Robotic Process Automation in accounting is enabling new levels of speed and precision in order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes.

Cost Savings & Fast ROI

The intuitive, low code/no code interface allows anyone to quickly master bot creation and start driving ROI. For the average employee, that means regaining 40% of their time each day that was wasted on manual digital administrative tasks. In industries like healthcare the value of automating is amplified by the critical importance of error-free, compliant process execution to patient outcomes.

Integrate Across Platforms

RPA is application agnostic so you’ll never need to upgrade or replace existing systems for RPA to work!  Bots enable enterprises to live the dream of eliminating technology siloes by seamlessly connecting across all software tools regardless of function and department, in both front office and back office.  The result? Achieve never-before seen enterprise-wide efficiencies and collaboration that taps into the true value of your human capital investment.

Customer Experience

In the front office, attended RPA bots help human agents interact with customers by doing all the system and data entry legwork-resulting in reduced call handling time (AHT) and a 50% improvement in customer experience at the same time. Industries such as telecommunications and life sciences deploy bots to streamline customer inquiry handling and smoothly respond to spikes in call volumes.

Harness Artificial Intelligence (AI)

When artificial intelligence (AI) is combined with RPA to create Intelligent Automation, automating extends by an order of magnitude, able to draw on the 80% of enterprise data that’s unstructured. In procure-to-pay, automate invoice processing on non-standard vendor invoices.  In insurance, automate extracting claims data and detecting potential fraud.  In HR, automate request intake by understanding the employee’s intent.


“p1”> RPA enables high-volume business processes to be more elastic and able to adapt in uncertain times and changing environments. Flexibly handle any workload-planned or unplanned-by expanding your Digital WOrkforce the moment it’s required.  Now imagine it being so simple, so intuitive, that anyone can do it.

Why Should I Implement RPA or Automation Throughout My Enterprise?

The Snowball Effect Greater Productivity Greater Accuracy Cost Savings and Fast ROI Full Integration Across All Platforms World Class Customer Experience Harness Artificial Intelligence Dramatic Scalability

Speed and Accuracy

Tasks are done the same way every single time.  Bots and digital workers are up to 100% accurate. 

Improved Employee Morale

Employees who focus on human tasks, not robotic tasks are happier and more fulfilled by their work.

Increased Compliance

RPA can operate and execute audit tasks 24×7 and up to 90% faster than manual entry.  

Improved Productivity

Accomplish more with the same staff. Digital workers never take breaks or call in sick.

Scalability and Flexibility

Quickly scale up to accommodate unexpected volumes.

Improved Customer Experience

Faster turnaround times. Bots work in the background and high speed so your customers don’t have to wait.

Which Industries Benefit from RPA?

Force Multiplier

RPA replaces the need to hire new people to do a repetitive processes. A single bot can do rthe work of up to 10 people, with 100% accuracy and reliability. And bots NEVER call out sick.


Send medical records and documents in response to request, AR/AP/Invoice daily reconciliation, reduce credentialing errors, reduce claim denials, increase cash flow.

Financial Services

Reduction of write offs, accelerated posting and cash recovery, Audit financial state. ments and generate reports.


Fast and accurate onboarding/offboarding of employees, send offer letters, Recruiting, Auditing

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