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Reduce costs, eliminate human error, increase productivity.  With Robotic Process Automation, Techromatic can help your business achieve scale faster!

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RPA as a Force Multiplier

RPA increases the effectiveness of your human workforce by divesting them of tedious repetitive tasks and letting their creativity shine. 

A digital worker replaces the need to hire new people to do repetitive tasks. A single bot can do the work of up to 10 people, with 100% accuracy and reliability.  And bots NEVER call out sick!

When humans are free to do what they do best – they are happier!  And happier humans produce more growth for the organization because they have an opportunity to reach their potential!


What Will Intelligent Automation Do for My Organization?

Digital Workers and Bots Can: Copy-Paste Scrape Data Make Calculations Open/Move Files Parse Emails Log In to Programs Connect to API's Extract Unstructured Data ADAPT to Any Workflow 24x7x365 - while your Humans, do Human stuff.


Divest your human workforce from the most mundane tasks, the tasks that have the most mistakes and provide the least joy and job satisfaction!
When humans are relieved of these duties they are left with their best resources - Imagination, Ingenuity, Creativity, Problem Solving, Analysis, Relationship Building and MORE!

Bots and
Digital Workers

Show your bots what to do, then let them do the work. Bots work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - and do not make mistakes!
With RPA, we create software robots, or “bots”, that can learn, mimic, and then execute rules-based business processes.

When we add AI and Machine Learning to RPA - we get Digital Workers.

Cross-Platform Integration

Robotic Process Automation software bots can interact with any application or system the same way people do, except...
RPA bots and digital workers can operate around the clock, nonstop, much faster and with 100% reliability and precision.

No coffee breaks. No sick days. EVER.

How Do I Start and Scale RPA?

Urgent Business Need / Specific Business Case


RPA can be up and running in weeks. Jumping into RPA may not be ideal, but that doesn’t mean it’s the enemy of the good. RPA goes far beyond a quick-fix solution to glaring business process inefficiencies—but getting started is often the largest hurdle. Urgent business needs can be a helpful catalyst to push past the status quo.

Often the lowest hanging fruit for automation in any industry, are found in the financial department. These opportunities will typically deliver immediate impact.

RPA-Ready Processes


Most organizations face many repetitive, structured business processes that drain human resource time and require high accuracy. Does that sound familiar? Starting here is a common first step into RPA. Processes that are manual, rules-based and repetitive, and that use significan time and resources, will deliver the most impact. The ease of adopting RPA for these structured processes will pave the way for complex and strategic process automation across the business.

Explore Automation


Discovering the power of RPA can be intoxicating—it’s the sudden realization that you have the power to knock down age-old limitations and pitfalls of business processes. You’ll find inspiration across every industry, every organizational department and it is very exciting! Please, take the opportunity to benefit from lessons learned in RPA implementations of every scope and scale to help you prepare the best business case and set up your future RPA journey for success. Research continues to show that companies with a robust (and realistic) automation strategy, rooted in a COE, are experiencing the most cost savings.

Strategic Initiative/ Digital Transformation


Just as important as the strategy for the implementation of technology, is the strategy for implementation among your human workforce. Many organizations make the mistake of failing to nurture their company culture through RPA implementation. This can leave your humans with misinformation and anxiety, which can inhibit digital transformation.

Creating strategic, enterprise-wide change is the hallmark of successful RPA implementation. RPA and your humans are both core elements of digital transformation. RPA has the power to augment and free resources, as well as to redefine standards of speed and efficiency. Your human and digital workforce together will change the way your business operates, both organically and intentionally.

Why Should I Implement RPA or Automation Throughout My Enterprise?

The Snowball Effect Greater Productivity Greater Accuracy Cost Savings and Fast ROI Full Integration Across All Platforms World Class Customer Experience Harness Artificial Intelligence Dramatic Scalability

The Snowball Effect of RPA


Robotic Process Automation has a positive snowball effect on business operations and outcomes.  RPA delivers measurable business benefits right out of the gate – think cost reduction, greater accuracy, increased delivery speed – then continues to add value as it picks up momentum and spreads across the organization.

RPA improves business outcomes like customer satisfaction and enables competitive advantages by freeing humans to do what they do best – solving problems, improving processes, conducting analysis, and other value added work – resulting in higher employee engagement and new revenue opportunities.

Greater Productivity


RPA bots create step-change in employee productivity by accelerating workflows and enabling more work to get done by executing processes independently. Bots and digital workers run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year – no coffee breaks, no sick days.

In document-intensive industries like healthcare, financial services, insurance and in the public sector – form-filling can occupy hours of a person’s workday. RPA bots can handle form filling and claims processing all hands free and around the clock, delivering massive increases in productivity.

Greater Accuracy


With 100% accuracy there is no need to redo work. Compliance can be near perfection.  Automating with RPA is enabling industries such as healthcare, finance and life sciences to leverage the reliable accuracy of bots and digital workers to achieve strict compliance standards.  Robotic Process Automation in accounting is enabling new levels of speed and precision in order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes.

While some industries are more vulnerable than others, human error costs business trillions of dollars. RPA can eliminate human error. Think of the possibilities.

Cost Savings & Fast ROI


The intuitive, user-friendly interface allows anyone to quickly master bot creation and start driving ROI! For the average employee, using RPA means regaining 40% of their time each day that was wasted on manual, digital, administrative tasks. Your human employees will relish the time recovered to pursue more fulfilling roles in your company. Happy employees drive growth!

Across industries, RPA, when implemented in conjunction with a robust strategy, is delivering significant cost savings. The ROI is measured both quantitatively- in dollars saved, and qualitatively by improving both employee and customer experiences.

Integrate Across Platforms

RPA is application agnostic so you’ll never need to upgrade or replace existing systems for RPA to work!  Bots enable enterprises to live the dream of eliminating technology siloes by seamlessly connecting across all software tools regardless of function and department, in both front office and back office.  The result? Achieve never-before seen enterprise-wide efficiencies and collaboration that taps into the true value of your human capital investment.

Customer Experience


In contact centers, attended RPA bots work in conjunction with your human agents. The bots do all the system and data entry legwork by logging into various systems and pulling appropriate data – all behind the scenes – while the human agent can focus on forming a connection and solving a problem.

Augmenting your call center with digital workers results in reduced call handling time (AHT) and a 50% improvement in customer experience at the same time! Industries such as telecommunications and life sciences deploy bots to streamline customer inquiry handling and smoothly respond to spikes in call volumes. This ability has been highly valued by healthcare companies throughout the pandemic.

Harness Artificial Intelligence (AI)


When Artificial Intelligence (AI) is combined with RPA to create Intelligent Automation, automating extends by an order of magnitude, able to draw on the 80% of enterprise data that’s unstructured.

In procure-to-pay, automate invoice processing on non-standard vendor invoices.  In insurance, automate extracting claims data and detecting potential fraud.  In HR, automate request intake by understanding the employee’s intent.


RPA enables high-volume business processes to be more elastic and able to adapt in uncertain times and changing environments. Flexibly handle any workload-planned or unplanned-by expanding your Digital Workforce the moment it’s required.  Now imagine it being so simple, so intuitive, that anyone can do it.

Automation will be contagious. As departments and employees see what’s possible, they will want to automate. Organizations that harness their automation strategy through a Center of Excellence will be able to scale with purpose.

Benefits of RPA Across Industries

Speed and Accuracy

Bots and digital workers work about 5 times faster than humans and are nearly 100% accurate. 

Improved Employee Morale

Employees with an opportunity to use their most “human” skills, are happier and more fulfilled by their work.

Increased Compliance

RPA can operate and execute audit tasks 24×7 with 100% accuracy – with automatic reporting, compliance is a snap.

Improved Productivity

Accomplish MORE with RPA. Digital workers produce around the clock. They work faster than humans and they never take breaks or call in sick.

Scalability and Flexibility

Leave behind siloes of technology.  RPA will integrate across all platforms enabling dramatic scalability, even when faced with the unexpected.

Improved Customer Experience

RPA helps to deliver a world-class customer experience.  Bots work in the background at high speed so your customers don’t have to wait.  

Which Industries Benefit from RPA?

Healthcare & Life Sciences

AI-powered RPA enables healthcare and life sciences organizations to be responsive, delivering efficiencies and cost savings while creating capacity to address the multitude of healthcare challenges. Organizations are required to accelerate development and meet the need for rapid transformation across the care delivery value chain, from patient experience, to revenue cycle management, to claims processing, to analytics.

Financial Services

Intelligent automation enables banks and financial services companies to transform manual, data-intensive, operations while meeting stringent and constantly changing regulatory requirements.

Secure, compliant, transparent. Rely on RPA to improve the efficiency of internal operations and get ahead of customer expectations.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

With intelligent automation, BPO organizations can grow and innovate while preserving operating budgets and revenue projections.

RPA gives BPO organizations the capacity to remain competitive and profitable in an ever-evolving business climate. Leverage a Digital Workforce of RPA bots to stay ahead of the competition, lower operating costs, and achieve revenue growth—all at once.

Public Sector

Intelligent automation enables government, education, and non-profit organizations to rapidly evolve service delivery and improve performance to meet new challenges and expectations.

Intelligent Automation closes the gap between new technologies and legacy systems, increased expectations and a shrinking labor force, enabling transformation of public sector service delivery and performance.

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