Techromatic Knows Real Estate


Techromatic understands the unique IT needs of real estate companies and provides customized solutions and services to meet your individual requirements. Our solutions are designed to deliver secure, reliable and efficient systems, while our ongoing support and monitoring ensure that the company's IT systems are always functioning optimally.


In order to effectively operate in your industry, real estate companies require property management systems for efficient handling of property data, CRM software for effective customer relationship management, and user friendly websites for online property listings. Document management tools and collaboration platforms facilitate seamless sharing and retrieval of paperwork, while communication tools and mobile apps enable remote connectivity and on the-go access to critical information.


Techromatic knows that data security measures are crucial to protect sensitive client data, and analytics tools help track market trends and measure performance. By addressing these unique IT needs, real estate companies can streamline operations, enhance client interactions, and stay competitive in the dynamic real estate market.

Real Estate Firms

Real Estate Firms and Helpdesk

At Techromatic, we prioritize your helpdesk needs by offering accessible and responsive support for your employees and clients. Our helpdesk has industry expertise to provide tailored assistance. Equipped with knowledge bases, ticket management systems, and remote support capabilities, we efficiently resolve issues. Security measures protect sensitive client data, and we handle both on-premise and cloud-based systems. With the ability to manage high support volumes, our helpdesk ensures reliable, efficient, and secure support tailored to real estate companies.

Automate Real Estate

When it comes to automation - Real Estate is ripe with opportunities. So much of our day to day can be automated. Consider the following processes. Would you like to reclaim some of those hours?

Contract management and processing
Risk management and compliance.
Tenant and property management.
Market analysis and research.
Lease administration and renewals.
Property listing and sales processes
Financial reporting and accounting.
Customer service and support.
Data entry and record management.
Marketing and advertising campaigns.
Automate Real Estate
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