Techromatic’s Vision For 2014

  • January 3, 2014
  • Elisa Silverglade
  • 2 min read

One of the fundamental trends in the world right now is a shift from a top-down perspective to a bottom-up perspective. We see this in politics, where people are taking to the streets to rid themselves of authoritarian regimes. We see this in our media, with the shift from a relative handful of monolithic broadcast and print outlets to a world where social media and independent journalists break real news.

And we see this in IT, as companies move toward a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model where employees are encouraged to use their own hardware and software tools for business, as opposed to relying upon corporate IT to provide and dictate everything.

We believe that this trend is profound and with it comes tremendous potential for good. Viewing the world from this perspective can illuminate solutions to problems that previously seemed intractable. Technology is playing a valuable role in bringing us all together, while allowing us to be more empowered as individuals.

There also exists the potential for trouble. A bottom-up approach can make it seem as though everything in our world originates within us- and we must realize that our assumptions about the privacy and security of our private worlds need to be brought up to date as a result.

Our hope for 2014 is to continue to help people tap into the power of using technology for bottom-up improvements in their lives- and to help protect people from the dangers brought on by this new world. Our vision for the year is a world in which our customers and friends are made happier, more relaxed, and more secure as a result of working with us.

So cheers to all for a safe and happy 2014.

And may the force be with you!