iPhone 5s Heralds A New Era Of Security

  • October 8, 2013
  • Elisa Silverglade
  • 2 min read

The original iPhone was revolutionary because it took a number of sophisticated technologies and packaged them together in a way that enabled virtually everybody to easily use them. The iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone, or the first touchscreen device, or the first personal media player- but it was the first device that brought those things mainstream in a way that appealed to regular people.

The iPhone 5s isn’t the first device to use biometric security- but it’s the first one to bring the concept of biometric security to tens of millions of people in a meaningful way.

The iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner is incredibly reliable and easy to use. More than being something that’s designed to provide a new level of security, it’s a way to make basic security as easy as a finger press. And with basic security now that easy, we’re on the cusp of entering a world in which virtually everybody has a secure way to digitally authenticate themselves with a device they have with them all the time.

Touch ID is more than just a way to unlock your iPhone with your fingerprint. It’s a way to prove your identity digitally, and that capability is the key enabler for bringing things like digital wallets and payments truly mainstream.

It’ll take a few years for this transformation to really take hold, but make no mistake: just like the original iPhone ushered in the era of pervasive mobile computing, the iPhone 5s is leading the way to the era of pervasive digital ID.

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