IT Strategy and
Cyber Security:

Senior IT thought leaders. Accomplished IT engineers. Certified Ethical Hackers. Our experienced team of cyber experts will analyze your company’s attack surface and help create a comprehensive plan to help streamline your IT operations and protect you from threats. 

CIO/CTO Functions

Your very business can benefit from the right amount of IT thought leadership. But many firms don’t need a full-time CIO or CTO. Enter Techromatic. We can setup IT governance, design the best IT workflows to support the business, and ensure you have the right IT capabilities to operate smoothly and securely, with our part-time CIOs and CTO’s.

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Cyber Security Programs

These days many firms need to implement cyber security programs to protect themselves from threats, and meet the regulatory requirements of your industry. Techromatic will implement CyberShield, our turn-key cyber security programs for your business.

Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Scans

Our team of certified ethical hackers and security experts will perform these tests on your network, and generate the reports that will help you close any gaps.

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Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 2.14.26 PM

Regulatory Compliance

Our cyber security experts have many years of experience helping our customers comply with HIPAA, HiTECH, SEC/FINRA, NYS DFS, PCI DSS and other cyber security regulations.   We’ll help you get into compliance, and stay there…

Cyber Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing

The weakest link in your cyber security chain is always your people.   Well-trained staff help prevent breaches and cyber security events.   Untrained staff are much more likely to enable a breach.  It’s as simple as that.  Protect yourself.  Train your staff.  Or let Techromatic help.


Encrypted Email

Need a compliant way to send secure emails with large attachments?  Protect from inbound SPAM?  Enforce compliance footers? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive email protection services.