How’s Your Password Hygiene?

password hygeine

If you don’t floss and brush your teeth, sooner or later you’ll start losing them.

And if you don’t regularly wash your hands, you’re laying out a welcome matt for germs that can lead to sickness.

While most of us buy into these common-sense guidelines for personal hygiene, the vast majority of people turn a blind eye toward basic password security practices that can make all the difference between being protected and being exposed.

This article contains a series of tips that will help ensure that your passwords are no longer a weak link in your online security practices. It’s a must-read.

And if the idea of using secure passwords is intimidating, don’t sweat it- password managers like 1Password and LastPass make it easy to use secure passwords without needing to keep track of them all manually.

Good password hygiene is essential to healthy living online. And while it may seem like an inconvenience, just think about it as brushing your teeth and washing your hands. Sure, those activities may not exactly be fun… but would you ever seriously consider skipping them?


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