Techromatic Knows Healthcare


At Techromatic, we specialize in meeting the unique needs of small healthcare businesses. Our secure technology solutions ensure compliance with HIPAA and HITECH regulations, safeguarding sensitive patient data. We provide efficient data transmission and storage for seamless communication between healthcare providers and payers.


We prioritize user-friendliness, making our solutions accessible and easy to use for providers, patients, and support staff. This enhances care quality, streamlines internal processes, and improves patient interactions.


We stay current with healthcare compliance developments and new technology, ensuring your technology solutions meet industry standards. From telemedicine to wearable tech and dental offices, we help your business stay ahead of the curve.

Healthcare Companies and Cybersecurity

Healthcare Companies
Helpdesk For Healthcare

Techromatic Helpdesk for Healthcare

Our Helpdesk solutions consider healthcare companies’ specific needs. As a Healthcare provider or payer, you have to manage patient care, communicate with other healthcare providers, store sensitive medical information and manage a hybrid work environment, making technology support a critical component of your operations.

To address these needs, Techromatic provides helpdesk support that is available, responsive, and knowledgeable about your specific technology systems and processes. Solutions may include phone and email support, remote access support, and on-site support for mission-critical systems. You also have specific requirements for security and compliance, such as HIPAA – we know the drill!
A robust and reliable helpdesk solution is crucial for the successful and efficient management of your operations. Let us do IT for you!

Automate Healthcare

When it comes to automation – healthcare is behind the tech curve! RPA and intelligent automation are fully HIPPA compliant and can catapult your growth. Check out these amazing opportunities to streamline operations and revenue:

Prior Authorization
Medical Billing
Denials Management
Physician Credentialing
Utilization Management
Medical Records
Call Center
Patient Registration/Verification
Patient Portal
Emergency Care
Diagnostic Testing
Data Security
Reporting and Auditing
Analytics and Forecasting
Benefits and Payroll
This is just the beginning! Take a look at our Automation as a Service and start to make your way on the automation journey.